University of Saskatchewan
Clinical, Epidemiology, Knowledge translation
Clinical, Epidemiology, Indigenous health

Alexandra King, MD, FRCPC

Nipissing First Nation


Cameco Chair in Indigenous Health and Wellness


Pewaseskwan “The Sky is Clearing” 

University of Saskatchewan

Mobile: 778-870-4104 

Dr. Alexandra King is a member of Nipissing First Nation (Ontario). She is an Internal Medicine Specialist with a focus on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV/HCV co-infections.

Alexandra is the inaugural Cameco Chair in Indigenous Health and Wellness at the University of Saskatchewan, endowed by the Royal University Hospital Foundation through its Royal Care Campaign. She works with Indigenous communities and relevant stakeholders to understand the health and wellness needs of First Nations and Métis peoples in Saskatchewan and the structural changes needed for improved Indigenous health outcomes. She leads work that enhances Indigenous health education; advocates for improvements and funding; ensures the sustainability of effective services and supports; and facilitates knowledge and resource mobilization to support improved Indigenous health and wellness. Alexandra brings leadership skills in culturally safe and responsive research and care, reconciliation, Two-eyed Seeing (bringing together Indigenous and Western worldviews or forms of knowledge) and Ethical Space—which needs to be created when peoples with disparate worldviews are poised to engage each other.

Alexandra supervises undergraduate and graduate students at both Simon Fraser University and the University of Saskatchewan, focusing on wellness intervention research with Indigenous people in the areas of land-based healing, health determinants, mental health and addiction, blood-born and sexually transmitted infections and justice health (prisoner health). She serves on many initiatives, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research Steering Committee and the Canadian Network on Hepatitis C (CanHepC). She is co-chairing the pan-Canadian Advisory Panel on a Framework for a Prescription Drug List on behalf of the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH).