HCV POCT Training and Help4Hep Coordinator
BC Hepatitis Network
Knowledge translation

  • HCV Advocate and Educator
  • Help 4 Hep Help line based in BC
  • Administrator of several peer support groups online.
  • Peer navigator

He is  a person who lived with HCV. Genotype 1a.

Participated in a phase two clinical trial in 2010.

Treated and cured.

His work as an advocate and educator is focused around shedding more  light on HCV, with patients, care givers, legislators, drug companies, and healthcare professionals

As we know with new treatments, cure is possible now for the vast majority of HCV patients. As someone who was himself infected with HCV, he has a keen insight into what the patient experience can be like, and is able to speak to patients in a way that is different than the typical  doctor-patient dynamic.

He  advocates for a greater commitment on the part of payers, whether public or private.  The greatest issue we face now, is access to care and treatment in Canada and the US. He speaks with patients regularly, and it is their voice that drives him in his work.