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Health policy, Epidemiology

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Dr. Naveed Zafar Janjua is an epidemiologist and senior scientist at the BC Centre for Disease Control and Clinical Associate Professor at School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia. Dr. Janjua is a Medical Doctor (MBBS) with a Masters of Science (MSc) degree in Epidemiology & Biostatistics and Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH).  At BCCDC, his work involves surveillance, research and policy advice related to hepatitis B and C.  His research interest includes hepatitis B and C epidemiology, syndemics of HCV and blood-borne infections, treatment effectiveness, disparities in treatment access and disease outcomes, HCV care access and strategies to enhance access to care. He is also interested in the development and testing of linguistically and culturally appropriate information on the self-management of hepatitis C for people at risk or affected by it. His global health research includes unsafe medical injections and transmission of HBV and HCV, strategies to reduce use of unsafe medical injections and socio-economic disparities in health in developing countries.  

Dr. Janjua is leading Hepatitis Education Canada () - a program for developing culturally and linguistically appropriate educational and self- care resources for people at risk or affected by hepatitis C including immigrant groups in Canada. He is also leading BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort (BC-HTC) which is an annual linkage of laboratory testing and surveillance data on hepatitis C, HIV, hepatitis B, and TB linked with medical visits, hospitalizations, cancers, prescription drugs and mortality since 1990. Currently BC-HTC has data on ~1.5 million individuals to enable assessment of HCV disease burden, natural history of infection, co-infections and disease syndemics, disparities in testing and care, health care utilization, treatment uptake and completion, effectiveness of interferon-based and newer non-interferon-based treatments, and cost of HCV related illness.