Associate Professor
University of Toronto
Basic Science Discovery
Immunology, Nano medicine

Toronto General Research Institute    
MARS TMDT 3-302,
101 College Street    
Toronto, ON,
M5G 1L7


The liver is a unique immunological organ and home to cells of the innate and adaptive immune system. Immune dysregulation in the liver is a contributing factor to many disease processes including viral hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, liver cancer and inflammatory liver damage leading to fibrosis.

Dr. MacParland's research program is focused on translating fundamental knowledge about the immune biology of the liver into clinical applications. Dr. MacParland and her research team will investigate how liver immune dysregulation drives liver diseases, including chronic viral infection and inflammatory liver fibrosis. They will also examine how the liver immune environment can be therapeutically manipulated using nanoparticles to slow or reverse ongoing damage.

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